We may be looking for you. We are a young team with a great perspective, we do not mind that you are on maternity leave or in an invalidity pension. You can make the offered positions even from the house. Your rating will be high and will depend on your performance, we will not tolerate sloths 🙂 We are looking for active people who are able and willing to bring new ideas and have a proactive approach to work. Let us make the work in our country and especially entertain you. For more information, contact Mrs Ivanka Land at


Sales rep

We offer 20% of the price excluding VAT, our products and services for the brokerage agreement (VAT). Work is suitable from home and for women or men on maternity leave, OTP and ZTP or retired.

The work is

    • Dial-up Client solicit
    • Go to meetings
    • Submitting bids
    • Consultation
    • Distributing a business correspondence contract, invoice
    • Submitting and compiling reports