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Today, the concept of mobile app is very popular, we have apps almost everything from pulse measurement to mobile games. It's important to go with the times, all the big players like Alza, Heureka, Wish and others already have a mobile app. On Google Play is to 30.9.2019 around 240 applications on the theme mobile eshop!. The mobile app will bring you a lot of advantages, such as direct communication channel with customers via push notifications, utility design, custom logo, brand marketing, new market and especially new customers.

The mobile app market is boaring all expectations, not only mobile users and the number of devices growing in a geometric range, but the demand for mobile applications is growing.

If you have your e-shop or you want to create one, this document is directed mainly towards you. Yes, you can argue why our E-shop should have a mobile app when we have a responsive design and our e-shop looks very good on mobile phones too. The answer is simple, thanks to the mobile app you will not only consolidate the links with your existing customers (Push notifications about news), but also you will get new customers, especially those who would not even step into your site in other circumstances.

The platform "mobile E-shop" is very easy to operate and understandable for each of your customers.

To our clients, we provide source codes to the client part of the application upon request, it is possible to modify the application according to your own need, if you do not ask us directly:)

What are you not afraid of?

 What you absolutely don't need to worry about is the mobile app deployment. It does not interfere with your existing eshoping solution and is fully segregated. Therefore, it will not endanger your current operation. So you can have the app already on Christmas sale.

How does it work?

We will create a mobile application that your and new customers can download on Google Play. You can freely distribute the app download link (for example, to a site) and have as many users as you want.

How is it connected?

You provide us with an XML feed and we import it on our server, which makes this data available to the application through the JSON REST API.

Everything is done just to connect.

Our solution is ready to meet a wide range of clients from small to large resellers, just when you deliver XML feed in company format (Heureka). We also prepare other formats such as Google Shopping, etc.

What is it?

Our mobile application solution is inexpensive, normally you will be released mobile application of a similar range to 120 000 CZK without VAT for Android and around 150 000 Kč for iOS. Our applications are both in pre-sale (Basic version) for 20 000 CZK without VAT and will be sold for 35 000 CZK without VAT + 5000 CZK without VAT per year for the operation of the API and update, the first year you have included.
The price includes a credit 5000 CZK with VAT on Google Play advertising, to promote your application, which will bring you an estimated 50-100 users on Android.
So let's summarize, in advance sale for 10 000 CZK you have two applications, which is without competing offer.

The "Mobile E-Shop" now has the following functionalities:

Try the app here


  • Custom logo
  • Custom color scheme
  • Homepage with advertising (top-products and slider)
  • Search
    • By text
    • by EANu (bar code reader)
    • By image (image analysis, for example, CocaCola)
  • Top products, by impression count
  • Product categorization
    • Best Selling Products
    • Product Detail
    • Listing products in category
  • Push Notifications
    • Information about the news directly to the customer
      • Information with text
      • Information with URL link
      • Information with reference to the product
  • Advanced API Management
    • Automatic Import Settings 24h-1h
    • Manual Import
    • Logging of imports
    • Tracking app traffic (number of users currently logged in, push notifications)
    • History of Push notifications
    • Statistics
    • Registered users email Database (discount option)
    • For registered users, the option to send a push notification to the
    • UTM source settings for hitching users from the mobile app (the ability to favor mobile app users at your eshop)
    • Setting global discounts for logged-in users
    • Setting global discounts for anonymous users

Coming Soon (11/2019)

  • User profile
    • Delivery address setting (can be changed in order)
  • Login
    • Reset Password
  • Products
    • Stock availability (need to replenish feed on stock stocks, for example from Heureka)
    • Product ratings
  • Pushnotifications
    • Offline Messaging to registered users

Coming Soon (4/2020)

  • Shopping Cart for registered users
    • Mobile app Order History
    • Order Recurrence
    • Add a product to your cart from an order
  • Set up discounts and prices in
    • Categories
      • Logged in user
      • Anonymous user
    • Product
      • Logged in user
      • Anonymous user
    • On the manufacturer
      • Logged in user
      • Anonymous user
  • Advanced discount and pricing settings in a user-specific app
      • Fixed price, discount, margin
        • For category
        • Manufacturer
        • Product


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